Jordan Rodericks

Hanging out the door of a helicopter flying over Doha, Qatar, Jordan breathed a sigh and said to himself, "I'm right where I want to be..." and almost interrupting that thought was a tap on his shoulder from a member of the aircrew. He spoke Arabic, Jordan does not, but the gesture indicated that Jordan should probably be attached to the helicopter in some way. Picture that.

Jordan is drawn to stories -- he told that one, we told him not to, but he likes a chuckle.

As a seasoned producer first, Jordan has mastered the on-set dance (in helicopters and otherwise) and has a grace that reflects that of the most veteran directors. He's comfortable around the crew and at home with the camera department; he knows when decisions might be costly, or when something must go a certain way at all costs.

Jordan has produced for MasterCard, American Airlines, WWE, GEICO, ESPN, Oreo; and in his first year as a director the list looks much the same: Discover, Purina, Benjamin Moore, Land o Lakes.

With an accomplished production career under his safety belt, Jordan has embraced the creative and is intentional about the work that he's doing. And he now knows to clip in safely BEFORE the helicopter takes off.


NATAS Capital Emmy Award